In 2019 Janet Bell Art Ltd was selected as one of Surfer's Against Sewage's Plastic Free Champions. In fact the Isle of Anglesey became the first county in the United Kingdom to become 'plastic free' which seems only fitting for a beautiful island which depends on maintaining it's beauty for it's busy tourist seasons.

We have recently changed the way that we package our products to try and stop using as much single use plastic as we can. So in 2019 we replaced the many rolls of plastic bubblewrap that we were getting through weekly with recycled 100% compostable paper bubblewrap, our plastic rolls of sticking tape have been replaced by paper tapes and in 2020 we have started to stock our cards without their unnecesary plastic cellophane coverings. 

We also do our very best to make sure that as many of the products that we stock contain as little plastic packaging as possible and constantly pass this message on to our suppliers so that they consider to look for plastic free alternatives. Last year our biggest supplier also pledged to stop using plastic bubblewrap on their products.

However we will always be able to do better and still look towards the future to hopefully make our business as sustainable as we possibly can.