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It's been seven years ...

It's been seven years ...

It's about seven years since I last wrote a blog post. I started my old blog 15 years ago and was fully immersed in the blogging world as I found it a brilliant way to connect with other creative people while painting from my studio, which could sometimes be quite lonely.

The online world has changed quite dramatically since then and so has my life. I lost my blogging voice for a while due to personal circumstances and wasn't sure how personal to get, should it be a business thing or a lifestyle thing but this is going to be a mixture of absolutely everything as they are all one thing ... my life.

Having just moved house last week there will be so many things to talk about in the next coming months and the launch of our new websites life is as usual busy.  So I'm not putting any pressure on myself to blog every day like I used to but maybe one a week for starters. So hello to anyone who may be reading, lets see where this goes?



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