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Travel | Brač Island, Croatia

Travel | Brač Island, Croatia

From one island to another. Brač is known for beautiful beaches, historic castles, and for once being home to dragons.
Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
Like so many people, we needed to rest, to reconnect, to explore somewhere new and be grateful for everything we have. Nourishing our relationships and sense of adventure. We travelled by road, sky and sea. If anyone tells you it’s the journey that counts, they’d definitely be wrong in this case, we couldn't wait to reach the destination. And what a destination Brač is. 
Croatia travel journal by Janet Bell Gallery and Lifestyle storeCroatia travel journal by Janet Bell Gallery and Lifestyle store
Let’s say you were to visit Brač for yourself.
The first thing that you’d notice, is just how blue the sea is, and how white the limestone cliffs and beaches are. For walkers, there are plenty of paths and trails to roam, each leading to secluded beaches, pretty harbours or cobbled towns. Ditch the car but do consider hiring a boat for a day or two cruising around some of the less accessible coves.
Croatia beaches travel journal janet Bell Gallery and Lifestyle StoreCroatia travel journal by Janet Bell Gallery and Lifestyle Store
After a stroll and a swim, you’ll want to engage with some of the culture and history that Brač has to showcase.
As well as creating beautiful white beaches and impressive hillsides, the island’s white stone makes for gleaming streets and stunning architecture. Croatia is famous for its masons, many of them from this very island, and you’ll want to do some exploring to find out why.
Croatia travel journal by Janet Bell Gallery and Lifestyle storeCroatia Travel Journal by Janet Bell Gallery and Lifestyle
There’s a huge upshot to the aforementioned journey to reach Brač, and that is how completely unspoilt and peaceful the place is. There aren’t hordes of tourists around every corner, and the streets, though bustling at times, aren’t at all over crowded.
Brač is one of those places that’s maintained its character despite the uptick of tourist trade. Everyone we met was welcoming and warm, and enthusiastic about their home and the lifestyle it affords.
Croatia travel journal by Janet Bell Gallery and Lifestyle

Restorative and reviving, this is an island with energy and vitality and it’s just what we needed. We’re returned to summer on Anglesey, and it’s time to get back into the studio and start on a whole new collection.

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