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Tomato Seeds - Thai Pink Egg

Thai Pink Egg is one of the most beautiful tomatoes cultivated today. As its name implies, it has smooth, pink-red skin and is shaped like an egg. Hailing from Thailand, it is a variety from the Southeast-Asian grape tomato family (characterised by a plum-like shape, thicker skin and higher sugar content than standard tomatoes). The variety seems to have been popularised after Nichols Garden Nursery in the U.S.A. began to stock it in 1997. Since then, its beautiful and delicious fruits have spread across the globe, being found at farmer’s markets and in gourmet restaurants far and wide. If you go to Thailand, don’t forget to ask for kanchanaburi, which is not only the name of a Thai province, but also the local name for this tomato.

250 seeds
Height 90cm
Width 45cm
Height 30cm
Width 30cm
Basils, nasturtium, okra, garlic chives, borage, mints.

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