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Tender: The Imperfect Art Of Caring

We are all likely - at some point in our lives - to face the prospect of caring for another, whether it's a parent, child or partner. Penny Wincer combines her own experiences as a carer with the experiences of others to offer real and transformative tools and insights for navigating a situation that many of us are either facing or will face at some time. She shows how looking after oneself is a fundamental part of caring for another, and describes the qualities that we can look to cultivate in ourselves through what may otherwise feel to be an exhausting task. Weaving her lived experience with research into resilience, perfectionism and self-compassion, she combines the stories of other carers alongside those who receive support - offering an often surprising and hopeful perspective.
  • Author: Wincer, Penny
  • Format: Hardback
  • Pages: 288
               SIZE 14.4 x 21.8cm