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Set of 3 - Joyful Jams

Celebrate the truly British pastime of afternoon tea

This trio of jams burst with sophisticated fruity pleasure. Elegantly English and with a refined repertoire of fruity flavours, each boasts an inspired twist to add a real treat to toast, tarts, cakes and scones.

Beautifully crafted Raspberry & Mint Jam, is a richly sharp and fruity affair. With its cool and refreshing herbal hit of mint, it brings an uplifting freshness to teatime.

Fabulously flavoursome Strawberry & Black Pepper Jam is full of bright berry sweetness, enhanced by a wonderfully earthy pinch of fresh black pepper. 

Aromatic and packed with indulgently rich fruit our Cherry & Star Anise Jam is lavished with a warming hint of spiced aniseed. 

Made in England

3 x 120g