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Tide Candle - Sea Salt & Driftwood

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A vegan candle, made of coconut and soy, with a sea salt and driftwood fragrance, Tide makes for a beautiful gift or treat. If you’re hoping to have a piece of the seaside in your home, this is a strong contender.

The scent is subtle, and best enjoyed by burning until the top layer of wax has completely melted, then extinguish the flame and allow the perfume to fill your space. Keep the wick trimmed to minimise smoking.

At Janet Bell, we definitely shop with our eyes, and Tide even delivers on that. Presented in a recycled wine bottle, with a LIga cork lid, this candle will look just lovely sat on the side, even when unlit. 

Liga are a family business, based in Cornwall. Using only the most environmentally friendly raw materials, they produce beautiful homeware and gifts designed to create change and a better future for all.

Liga source their cork from the Montado Cork Oak Forest in Portugal. Cork is highly elastic and naturally heat-proof. It’s easy to clean, waterproof and lightweight: a natural resource that surpasses manmade substitutes. It’s harvested every nine years, with no damage done to the trees, which continue to offer natural habitat to wildlife. Even after being crafted into another product, cork will continue to absorb CO2, it truly is a natural wonder