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Gold Bahama Bracelet - Aquamarine

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The Bahama bracelet comes with aquamarine blue pearls. The Bahama bracelets has a colourful and happy vibe. If you wear it alone it will come out as a playful detail on your sun kissed wrist and if you combine it with a few other simple bracelets you will get a beautiful and elegant bracelet adding colour to your other jewellery. 

Enamel was born out of the inspiration that founder Marie Rantzau found whilst travelling, particularly in Thailand. She began working with workshops in the area, combining Scandi minimalism with playful colours and concepts, often using tiny enamel beads, and so Enamel Copenhagen was born. Marie is committed to creating great jewellery, and permanent jobs in decent working conditions, where they are needed.  

To keep your Enamel looking its best, don’t wear in water and avoid contact with creams and perfumes as this can affect the shape and colour of the beads.   

 SIZE 18.5cm