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Cherry Gold Necklace - Light Pink

A fine chain made of 18k gold-plated sterling silver. This necklace is decorated with a tiny cherry, in a pretty pastel pink, made of two of Enamel Copenhagen’s signature enamel beads. This necklace sits on the collar-bone and looks beautiful alone, for a more subtle look, or layered for added impact.  

Enamel was born out of the inspiration that founder Marie Rantzau found whilst travelling, particularly in Thailand. She began working with workshops in the area, combining Scandi minimalism with playful colours and concepts, often using tiny enamel beads, and so Enamel Copenhagen was born. Marie is committed to creating great jewellery, and permanent jobs in decent working conditions, where they are needed.  

To keep your Enamel looking its best, don’t wear in water and avoid contact with creams and perfumes as this can affect the shape and colour of the beads.   

 SIZE 42 x 3cm