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Tall Tripod Vase - White Stamped

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A hand-built, hand-stamped thing of wonder! This character brings bags of charm and confidence to the table (or wherever else you choose to set it!). Minimalistic and contemporary, with nods to folk and tribal artworks, this geometric beauty is sure to complement your home, whatever your style or taste. 

Each item is unique, so the one you receive may not be identical to our picture, but it will be very similar, very lovely, and made in the same creamy clay, and glazed in a tin-white finish. 

What to say about Atelier Stella? Founded in 2012, this often imitated, but never duplicated collection by Brighton based Stella Baggott is best known for its playful, characterful ceramics. Each piece is lovingly designed and handcrafted in stoneware clay, and draws influence from folk art, vintage ceramics, as well as Cornish, Italian and Scandinavian styles. 

 SIZE (Approx) 14 x 19cm