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Ghost #224

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According to the Japanese belief system of Shinto, everything, every rock, stream, tree, pool, has a soul. These little ghosts represent those souls, and they’re funny little beings. They might be a ring holder, or lucky charm, but most have no real use at all. They watch over you, bringing colour and joy to wherever they find themselves, and Janet Bell staff can attest that once you let one of these characters into your home, their numbers seem to grow almost inexplicably! 

Each ghost is completely unique, has been hand thrown, glazed, decorated and has been fired three times. You may find, over time, that tiny hairline cracks appear in the glaze of your ghost. This is normal, and adds to each piece’s character, but can be avoided by keeping them away from any sudden temperature changes (such as a window or radiator). Please be aware too, that their colours may look different on different screens and in person.

Anders Arhoj (ah-hoy) began working in interiors in Tokyo in 2005. When he returned to his native Denmark, he established a design studio creating graphic design, children’s illustration and branding before moving into ceramics. The blend of Japanese and Scandinavian influence is apparent throughout the Studio Arhoj collection, combining minimalist practicality with playful colours and textures, to create a truly idiosyncratic identity.  

 SIZE Approx 9 - 10cm