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Familia #108

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Like Arhoj’s iconic Ghosts, the familia collection are inspired by the Shinto belief in the spirits of natural elements: rivers, stones, forests, flowers and more. These folks come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, making them beautiful accents to your collection, or great stand-alone pieces. Be warned though, they are just as collectible as their ghost cousins!

Each Familia member is completely unique, highly individual, and made in Arhoj’s Copenhagen studio. They’re whimsical pieces that are both modern and nostalgic; reminiscent of storybook characters, boiled sweets, and paint swirls in water.

It’s no wonder that these little joys are a fast Janet Bell favourite, we are the only stockist in Wales and we’re proud of our long-running relationship with Studio Arhoj. They’re an amazing team of talented, creative people, ceramicists, glass-blowers, designers, glazers, family members and Hanx the dog!

Anders Arhoj (ah-hoy) began working in interiors in Tokyo in 2005. When he returned to his native Denmark, he established a design studio creating graphic design, children’s illustration and branding before moving into ceramics. The blend of Japanese and Scandinavian influence is apparent throughout the Studio Arhoj collection, combining minimalist practicality with playful colours and textures, to create a truly idiosyncratic identity.