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Set of 4 Mini Vases - Blue

For those who can never have too many flowers. Daisies from the garden, those little stems that don’t quite fit in a bouquet, sprigs of fresh herbs, or tiny treasures from the beach like feathers and twigs. We’ve seen some wonderfully imaginative uses for these staples of the Räder range.  This blue and white set brings a fresh, modern take to the classic coastal colour scheme. It’s no coincidence that this is the best-selling colourway in our seaside shop.

These stoneware vases complement a host of interior and personal styles, and the glazes add a pop of colour against the white background. They are suitable for use with or without water.

Räder are a German brand, founded in 1968 and synonymous with simplistic, European design. Bringing beauty to the every day, and to the heart of the home, their products are ideal for gifting, and what's more, they are a carbon neutral company. 

 Size 4.5 - 8cm