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XXL Light House - Lighthouse

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A tower in the sea, a sign that we are almost home. We are surrounded by lighthouses on the coast of Anglesey, each one as iconic as this extra large one. A quirky, unexpected home, handmade in unglazed porcelain. This piece is a staple of the Janet Bell shop, and we invite you to build your own town or village with your favourite pieces from this range by Räder.

Each light house will hold a pillar candle, and sits on its own base, made of matching ceramic. During the day, they sit beautifully alongside a range of interior styles, but at night, they truly shine, when you light the candle and invite all the cosiness of hygge living into your room.

 Räder are a German brand, founded in 1968 and synonymous with simplistic, European design. Bringing beauty to the every day, and to the heart of the home, their products are ideal for gifting, and what's more, they are a carbon neutral company. 

15.5 x 40cm