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Straw Vase - Medium Stone Stripe

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This little ceramic bowl and lid may make you think or coral, or seed pods. It's an unusual and highly versatile base for floral displays, a tea light holder or a trinket pot. This piece has a matte, sandy finish that reminds us of our favourite Anglesey beaches, and a contrasting internal glaze. 

Each Lindform product is completely unique, and small variations will occur in appearance or finish, but never in quality or beauty. Their ceramics are made from a lead-free clay that, while safe to use with water (and glazed on the inside), should not be placed on porous surfaces while you do so.    

Marita Lindholm founded Lindform around three core values: sustainability, quality and craftsmanship. Since 2007, Lindform has become synonymous with pairing Scandinavian and Nordic design with Japanese minimalism, in true Japandi style. A family business, Lindform has remained true to its values and is committed to eco-friendly and socially aware production.