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Wall Clock - Small Bare Wood & Deep Black

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Arjan Ros is the son of a clockmaker, who is himself the son of clockmaker. Arjan’s second great influence is the Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom, a story of innocence, childhood and love, brought to life in Anderson’s signature colour palette of pastels with accents of neon, earth tones and metallics. 

Is it any surprise then, that Arjan grew up to found Kloq? Combining these influences, tradition and modernity, practicality and play, Kloq creates traditionally inspired clocks, in modern, minimalist styles and colours. Handmade in the Netherlands from FSC certified birchwood, and German-made quartz movements, each piece is a work of art, an expression of personality and a timeless expression of Dutch design, fit for any home.  

Your Kloq requires one AA battery, which is included, and the pendulum will move gently and silently once attached.  

SIZE   50 x 20 x 9 cm