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Cracked Black Peppercorns - Red Mini Clamp Top Jar

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It's established that Halen Môn is the best salt in the world, so who else would you trust to pick out perfect pepper?

These whole black peppercorns have been sourced from Vietnam, with just as much love and care as goes into producing their salt. Served up in a red ceramic clamp-top jar, this is ideal for every day use, or a little gift for the foodie in your life. 

Alison and David Lea-Wilson met and fell in love at Bangor University. At around the same time, they fell in love with the area, and in particular with the incredible waterway that is the Menai Strait. 

Since 1997, they’ve been making Anglesey sea-salt from this beautiful stretch of coast, putting to use their knowledge of the sea as a habitat and source of bio-diversity, as well as a source of world class produce. It’s this love and respect for the environment that has taken Halen Môn from local supplier to internationally recognised, super ingredient, with PDO certification. We couldn’t be prouder to call them neighbours, or to stock some of their amazing products.

 SIZE (Height) 6cm