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Porcini Candle Holder - Large Grey

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The versatile candle holder can be used for cathedral or dinner candles and suits a range of home and personal styles. There’s a whimsical, playfulness to this piece that reminds us of the mushrooms that Porcini is named after. Though modern in design, there’s a classic Danish element to it, making this a timeless, elegant addition to any home.  

Aery are a Bristol-based home fragrance company who are dedicated to creating eco-friendly, low-impact, high-quality products here in the UK. Their candles are all 100% plant based, paraffin free wax. Everything they make is Vegan, cruelty free, GMO free and uses a blend of essential oils and sustainable, plastic-free packaging. This is a business that means business when it comes to wellbeing, and they firmly believe that the wellbeing of our planet goes hand-in-hand with our own and they are doing everything that they can to help.  

 SIZE 12 x 12 x 16cm