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Tone Von Krogh

Candlestick - Dark Grey

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These beautiful, multipurpose  candlesticks/vases lend elegance and Scandi style to any table, mantle or sill. Use to display your favourite dinner candles or a few stems from your garden or favourite florist and voilà, instant hygge. Janet loves to use these in tablescapes for special occasions, and on shelves at home and in the shop to add height and texture to her displays.  

Tone Von Krogh was born in Switzerland, but raised in Norway. As a child she made small bowls and cups from the soil in the garden of her family’s home in an Oslo suburb, and she continues to be inspired by her Scandinavian childhood. She describes her work as “strongly influenced by my impressions from the winter landscapes in Norway. When the snow covers trees, rocks, paths and architecture; any sharp edges become soft and everyday shapes may become unrecognizable.” The tactile, organic lines of Tone’s work, and dimples left in the clay, mean that each handmade piece is completely unique.  

Each of these pieces has been hand thrown on a potter’s wheel and will vary slightly to those pictured. 

Small 6 x 16cm
Medium 6 x 22cm
Large 7 x 30cm