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Studio Arhoj Blobs

Glass Blob - #00063

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Melted into form from massive chunks of sparkling glass these Crystal Blobs are distant cousins to the other figurines by Studio Arhoj, like the ever popular Ghosts. The Blobs are made in Copenhagen in the hot shop.

Each Blob is handmade and varies in size and shape, no two are exactly alike, which makes them that little bit more special. Use as a paper weight or just as a friendly decoration or sculpture to add a little fun to the home. 

Sizes vary from 6-12cm.

Studio Arhoj, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a small independent design and production studio run by founder Anders Arhoj. Anders began his work in interiors and design while studying in Tokyo, before moving back to Denmark where he began operating a small design studio from his apartment, doing graphic work then eventually moving into the world of ceramics, and more recently glass blowing.