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Taste Junior Himalayan Salt Rocks - Refill

TASTE Jr is the perfect way to explore the tastes of different rock salts from around the world. This special taster-pack consists of six gemstone-like salt rocks, each of which has its own distinctive taste suited to different food types and dishes. 

Total weight is about 150 grams.  

KALA NAMAK SALT – India - Shimmering black rock salt with unique exotic fragrance and flavor, ideal for spicing indian and oriental dishes, min 97% NaCI 

HALIT SALT – Pakistan - Crystal clear cubic rock salt, very intense natural salt taste, suitable for all everyday dishes, min 99% NaCl 

PERSIAN BLUE SALT– Iran - One of the rarest and most exclusive salts. Initially quite present and then rather mild with a silken sweetness. Ideal for seafood, salads, french cuisine & truffles. 
min 85% NaCl 

ROSE SALT - Bolivia - Pink rose rock salt, mild-sweet taste, suitable for meat and vegetable dishes, min 98% NaCI 
ALPINE SALT – Austria - Visually striking red-brown rock salt, very intense taste, best used on dark meat dishes, min 87% NaCI 

HIMALAYAN SALT – Pakistan - Highly flavored with lasting spicy heat over a mild mineral body. ideal for seasoning meat and fish, as well as vegetables. min 98.63% NaCl

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